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Company Segments Architects


At3lier Arquitetura Design Cenografia

Categories: Country: BrazilState: Distrito Federal Phone: 61 8145 5214

Since 2007 working together, the architects Alecio, Fabio and Rosane took decision to form of society in 2008 the At3lier early 2008. Since then has been carrying out works following the projects and in the main districts of the Federal District. The established office in excellent location in the southern wing, Multiempresarial building in the sector of radio and television.

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Borglund Surface International, LLC.

Categories: Country: USState: Florida Phone: 561 747 9234

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Marcelo Rosset

Categories: Country: BrazilState: São Paulo Phone: 55 11 3258 5905

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Szabo e Oliveira Arquitetura

Categories: , Country: BrazilState: São Paulo Phone: 55 11 3266 5756

Architects Szabó Saulo  and Fernando Oliveira are ahead of the office and Szabó Oliveira and work in residential and commercial construction. Part of a new generation of architects, seeking a unique work in harmony with the client. Despite adopting a contemporary modern style, which values ”‹”‹by straight lines with romantic touches that enhance the details, […]

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VCS Projetos

Categories: , Country: BrazilState: Espirito Santo Phone: 55 27 3224 0391

Vivian Coser with her architecture and interior design projects feature a conteporary and minimalist style, firmly based on a functional, sustainable and timeless style, without leaving aside technological solutions.

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