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About Soapstone

Date: 16/06/2011 | Published: News
About Soapstone… At The Stone Studio          Soapstone is great for indoor or outdoor kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, desk tops, stair treads, or other stone accents.

 It is unlike granite, marble, or limestone in that it is completely non-porous.There is no need to seal or treat the surface of soapstone because it is not affected by chemicals or food stains.

Soapstone has a naturally “honed” finish. Without a highly polished surface, fingerprints don’t show.

Versatile soapstone lends itself to rustic, traditional, or contemporary styles and comes in smooth or leathered finishes.

          A lesser-known, equally beautiful option for your stone countertop is soapstone. 
From subtle to striking, a variety of patterns and textures can be found in the different types of soapstone available.  Usually found in deep colors ranging from shades of green to gray or black, most  varieties of soapstone naturally darken with age.  Applying mineral oil to the stone, however,  speeds up this process, adding a patina while enhancing the beauty of its color and veining patterns. 
 Soapstone is a unique stone often praised for it’s character as well as its density.  It is impossible to stain, easy to maintain, and simple to repair, making it a very practical stone for use in your home.

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