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Best 5 Algeria

Date: 26/07/2011 | Published: News

Algeria is the second-largest country in Africa, with over four-fifths of its territory covered by the Sahara desert. The country has a population of 35 million people mainly located near the northern coast.  Algeria is a multi-party, constitutional republic. Thanks to Algeria’s rich oil resources, Algeria is one of the fastest developing countries  in the world. Every  year their economy is growing larger as is their main imports and exports budget . Algeria is focusing on construction at the moment  building new hotels, houses, business centers, roads  and much much more!

The BEST 5 ALGERIA will cover;

SIVA5 Expo

Floor & Stone Expo




 Would you like to take a part?

 Ms. Elif Akkoc


 Ayyildiz Sitesi, A Blok, 30/11

Gayrettepe – Sisli- Istanbul – Turkey

 Tel: +902122731990



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