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China on Stone Quality

Date: 26/04/2011 | Published: News

China has become the number two stone exporter in the world behind the Italians (surpassing them some months, especially in granite), and is a powerful player in the stone industry, but the quality can range from excellent to terrible. How do you know what you are going to get? How can you maintain the level of quality if your intial orders seem to be OK? What happens if a problem occurs?

  • The only way to really know what you are going to get is to make a trip and visit the factory, but this is often not fool proof because the factory you visit may not even be the factory of the company you are going to buy from. It might be a sub-contracting factory, no matter what they tell you. Every company states “we own the quarry” and “we have our own factory”… this is not always true.
  • You need someone based in China that can interact on a daily basis in Chinese to handle the problems that come up, to research new ideas, and to find new factories when one becomes unreliable.
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