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Coverings Green Certificate Program – New for 2011

Date: 22/02/2011 | Published: News

Learn the latest in sustainable design as it pertains to tile and stone at Coverings 2011 and earn the Coverings Green Certificate of Completion. Complete at least four of the eight core classes listed below and you will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion in the Coverings Green Ceretificate Program. Core classes include:

– Living Ecologically – Sustainable Style with Stone and Tile.

– Genuine Stone – A Nature Choice for Sustainable Design.

– Urban Myths in Green Building Use of Stone and Tile.

– The New Normal

– Environmental Ceramic Tile: Gray Area or Green ?

– Sustainnability: What it is and How to put it into Practice.

– Tile’s Role in Green Building in North America and Europe.

– Sustainability – Buzzword or the Next Big Thing?

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