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Granite Processing Machinery

Date: 04/03/2012 | Published: News

Processing operations include a lot more variation than extraction. Nevertheless, the typical procedures begin with initial cutting, followed by application of a finish, and conclude with a second cutting or shaping step. As a result of selection of stone products, the second and/or third steps might be eliminated, specifically once the product could have a “natural” appearance.
Processing commences with transportation of the (raw) stone from the quarry to the processing facility, as depicted by Figure 2. It should be noted that step may consist of multiple transportation steps; prior to reaching the doors from the facility, the stone could be used in numerous vendors or distribution locations worldwide. Additionally, some granite (blocks) may have been cut into slabs before reaching the main fabrication plant. They’re mostly sliced with a thickness of 3/4 in (2 cm) or 1-1/4 in (3 cm) in lengths of approximately10-12 ft and widths around 3-5 ft. The path how the stone takes through the plant therefore depends on its physical state upon arrival, along with the product to be produced.
You can expect granite crushing machines, screening machines, conveyor machines and feeder machines for granite processing plant, we have capacity varying 40-1000t/h granite processing production line solutions. and our granite processing machines are already exported to a lot more than 130 countries.Authentication by 200 thousands Customers ,Certificated by ISO9001 : 2000 Quality and Managementand EU CE .

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