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Grupo Dupox Akemi presents their dimensional stone treatment products

Date: 06/09/2012 | Published: News
The grupe Dupox Akemi presents in the Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2012 chemical products for dimensional stone treatment. Among them, the Colour Bond, a super adherent glue based on Epoxy Acrylate; Hydro Oil to protect the natural beauty of the stones and a line of Flexible Adhesive Morter for marble setting.
The Brazilian company united with the german Akemi to exchange experiences and present products which still aren’t available in the South America. The group bets on the Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2012 as a showcase to show their products to their clients.
“The fair is an excellent way to get visibility and knowledge of the brand Dupox Akemi: An event where we can interact with those who are specialists in the dimensional stone secton”, mentioned the marketing manager, Thiago Santiago.

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