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How To Clean Natural Stone Tiles

Date: 09/03/2012 | Published: News

Although there are different materials that can be used for tile these days, there’s nothing quite like having natural stone. However, the problem is that if you don’t know how to care for the stone properly, you can end up with tiles that simply look horrible. This is why you need to know about cleaning natural stone before you even think about buying it for your home.

If you already have natural stone installed then you will still want to learn about it to make sure it stays looking great. A lot of people can get lazy when it comes to natural stone cleaning and allow the tiles to get ingrained with dirt. Getting the tiles cleaned will then become a much more difficult task and might not even be 100% successful.

First of all you should consider the issue of sealing natural stone. Although stone is a hard substance, it can also be very porous. So any dirt, grim and mold and quickly get stuck in the pores and be a nightmare to get rid of. Even just using a cloth or mop to clean the tiles can cause the dirty water to become ingrained. If the tiles are sealed however, it’s going to have a protective layer on it and won’t get dirty as easily.

There are different sealers on the market depending on what kind of natural stone you have. Some stone is more porous than others however they should all be OK if you use a sealer that is fluoropolymer-based. This impregnate the stone and can even help protect it from oil-bases stains. This is what professionals recommend as it’s even better than the silicone-bases sealers. StoneTech Professional and This Old Grout & Stone are two brands you can search for however there are many others.

When it comes to cleaning natural stone the quicker you deal with any dirt or spills the better. Generally when you wash the stone you can just use warm water. Make sure you use a soft sponge, cloth or mop and don’t use anything harsh like wire wool. There are products on the market that have been developed for the use on natural stone so you may want to use these too in order to be extra sure that your stone will be kept in the best condition.

Make sure you are very careful about the detergents you use when cleaning natural stone. Don’t any of those multi-purpose cleaners because they will probably be too harsh. Products that are pH neutral are good and this includes pure soap. This also means you need to avoid natural products that are acidic such as lemon juice and vinegar. When you are finished you should rinse the stone with clean water to make sure all the residues are removed.

Although natural stone can look absolutely fantastic for many years, it’s important that you know how to clean your tiles properly. Whether you have marble, granite, slate or sandstone, you will have beautiful tiles for years. Don’t be lazy when it comes to caring for the tiles because it’s better to prevent any troubles before it gets too bad.

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