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Date: 24/05/2011 | Published: News

Kolossal is a company that has its roots in the formulation and production of sealants, waxes and formulations for the treatment of occupational areas.

The team is headed by its chairman and founder Francesco Curri, known figure technique and qualified with 25 years experience in the stone industry.

Production site in a new generation of tools and equipment are conducted by qualified and constantly updated, following the various stages of production, from choosing the best raw materials, mixing, quality control, to packaging.

To do this we set our working protocols in order to fulfill the regulations prescribed by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

The group’s philosophy is indeed to propose to its customers made ”‹”‹with a low environmental impact, taking care of the health of end users, and are thus meeting the needs of themselves and respecting the new and stricter regulations.

We invite you to entrust to our techniques and our products to protect, restore, putty or paste your materials … we will put the same passion that you would put you!

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