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Marble shop

Date: 24/04/2011 | Published: News

Preparing the work pieces from the gantry saw and digitized files for the cnc is a major problem. I made a good breakthrough on resolving this problem. With a good team and right tools possibilities are endless. One shop I used to work for in North Jersey, we had a job of condominiums roughly 60 sqf. of og edge with a belly like penninsula 5 pcs per unit, i averaged 12 pcs in 10 hrs roughly 150-170 sqf, pices came off the cnc 80-90 percent finished. I was responsible for digitizing of templates, programming and running the CNC. That’s on the good side, key to this efficient production was good understanding between the cutter and myself and a good shop set up. On the other hand I’ve worked in a shop where i was only able to do 60-80 sqf.
email is zee_founder@yahoo.com

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