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Marmomacc speaks all the languages of the world

Date: 27/01/2012 | Published: News

Final data for the last edition confirm the exhibition’s international vocation, with even more international exhibitors and visitors

In readiness for the next edition of Marmomacc, scheduled next 26-29 September, analysis was recently completed of data for visitors arriving in Verona in 2011 and in parallel FKM (the German certification authority for voluntary control of exhibition statistics) validated the results of the last edition. And this confirm Marmomacc’s leadership and its significantly international vocation.
In 2011, net exhibition area came to 76,476 sq.m., of which 39.82% hosting international exhibitors. In total, there were 1518 exhibitors, with an impressive 849 international (55.93%) from 61 countries.
The main geographical area of origin for international exhibitors by number was East Asia with 37.57% of total, thanks to 202 Chinese and 88 Indian operators; Europe followed with 26.15% with significant Portuguese and Spanish attendance despite the crisis in the construction field affecting these two countries. As ever, there was important attendance by Turkey with 101 exhibitors and Brazil (35 companies). Overall, international exhibitors grew by 21 units in comparison with 2010.
The most interesting data naturally concern professional visitors, totalling 56,536 and up compared to 2010. There were 25,478 Italians from 20 regions, while 27,155 operators equal to 51.59% of total travelled from 132 countries worldwide. Official guests and invited persons must be added to these figures, as well as 250 accredited journalists.
French, German and Spanish were the most “loyal” Europeans at the exhibition, respectively with 895, 820 and 754 visitors, but mention can be also made of visitors from Croatia (329), Russia (365) and especially Turkey (549), confirming its status as one of the leading countries in the world stone market. Chinese attendance was impressive with 771 visitors, joined by 105 from Taiwan and 602 from India. Brazil on the other hand saw 344 visitors, while 313 people travelled from Israel. There was also good attendance from the Middle East and North Africa despite the geopolitical tensions affecting the area: 135 visitors from Tunisia, 73 from Morocco, 198 from Egypt and more than 214 from Iran. And to close on an amenable note, there were two visitors from French Polynesia, two from Iceland and just one from Guatemala.

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