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Red Granite

Date: 30/03/2012 | Published: News

Red granites are a favorite in Asian decor. They give rich striking and romantic appearance. Red granite has some of the richest history, being found in ancient Egyptian pyramids used in both structural and decorative fashions. True red base colors are unusual to find, but it’s the combination or all the colors that lend them their brilliant red scheme. These include lavenders, yellows, whites and browns. Included in this family are the Rose granites, which carry the title of the rarest form of granite available. Rose granite is mined in Brazil and China and can vary from pink to lavender with flecks of gold and white for a soft, even tone to dark gray for a sharp, contrasting shade. Some even sport striking displays of black woven in add depth and personality. Feel free to explore our large selection of red granite options below to find the style that suites you best!

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