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Rexfort prepares itself to launch new Polishers

Date: 06/09/2012 | Published: News
Founded in 2008, in Rio Grande do Sul, focused in the production of boarder polishing machines for dimensional stone, Rexfort will launch two new types of polishers in the Cachoeiro Stone Fair 2012, in order to increase its number of clients.
According to the general director Marcio Migliavacca, the internal structure of the company is focused in machinery assembly. “We´re specialized in precision assembly and we have around us many suppliers specialized in this kind of operation. This makes it possible for us to produce a differentiated, quality and durable product”.
For him, the companies need to improve their productive processes in order to attend the demands due to the FIFA World Cup and Olympic projects. Rexfort offers a scale of machineries with possibility for small, medium and large fabrication shops.
Migliavacca also stated that the Espirito Santo fair is extremely important for the companies of the sector, being that every year business increases due to the contacts made during the event.

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