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Security is for Public Safety

Date: 18/03/2012 | Published: News

Due to the nature of a quarry and the fact that it is an active mining operation, certain precautions must be taken. One such condition is security. Some quarries are surrounded by moats and fencing while others resemble a fortress; they are walled and guarded. The public should not be able to stumble into the mine and sustain injury.
When a mine become non-productive, it is subject to closure or abandonment. The site is abandoned and often unsecured. Some quarries fill with water from the rain and the ground. These former rock quarries become an attractive swimming hole for youngsters who are on school vacation.
The rock quarry can also become a death trap when the depth of the water, its contents and its source are unknown. The ideal scenario is that the community takes over the site, treats it to eliminate any toxins, grades it to control depth and establishes a community recreation area that includes a safe swimming area.

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