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Stone Processing

Date: 04/03/2012 | Published: News

The process of getting beautiful granite slabs from the quarries of Brazil, India, Africa and other parts of the world, to American office buildings, hotels, and homes is a long journey. Huge 50 feet tall blocks of solid granite are excavated from the mountain quarries. One by one, these huge blocks of granite are drilled and broken into movable blocks using time tested methods and modern machinery.

After cutting huge blocks of granite from the mountain, other crews of men and machines cut it into smaller pieces capable of being transported to the granite stockyards for processing into building materials.

After arriving at the granite stockyard, the blocks are loaded into giant gang saws to be cut into the desired thickness. This cutting process can take up to four days to complete, depending on the density of the material.

After the granite blocks are cut into granite slabs of the desired thickness, the slabs are taken to the production plant for completion. Slabs are then resonated, to make the surface pits and fissure free, while sealing the granite permanently making even porous granites stain-resistant.

The granite slabs are then polished using abrasives and diamond polishing wheels to bring out the beauty of the color and pattern in the granite.

The granite slabs are then crated in bundles in preparation for shipping, then packed into steel transport containers, trucked to the docks where they are loaded aboard ships bound for the United States and then to the individual slab yards.

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