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The Stone Studio

Date: 16/06/2011 | Published: News

When choosing a surface material for your home, 
remember that

…comes in a l
arge selection of Colors,

…offers Many Style choices (from polished to matte & textured),

…has unmatched Aesthetic Appeal,

…is Durable (Won’t scratch, stain, chip or crack with regular use),

…is Resistant to heat, water, & chemicals,

…is Suitable, because of its Low-Maintenance & Smooth Surfaces,

…is Repairable, should abuse occur,

…and is
Sustainable to help preserve the earth’s resources for future generations.

Natural Granite meets all the criteria for the ideal counter top.
When looking for
Value, look no further than Natural Stone.

20157 Five Point Road
Batesville, IN 47006
Phone: (812) 933-0200
Email: pete@thestonestudio.biz

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