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Turkey increases their participation in the Vitoria Stone Fair

Date: 24/01/2013 | Published: News

Besides the Arab, 13 companies from turkey already confirmed their presence in the Vitoria Stone Fair 2013. In an area of 316 square meters, they will present marbles from their region and search for business among the main Brazilian and foreign companies.

The Turkish companies are known for their experience in marbles and are interested in the Brazilian Market, looking to increase their partnership with producers of marble andgranite from Espirito Santo. Turkey is located near the Alps where one of the largest deposit of marble in the world, with a reserve of 13,9 bullion tons, which represents 33% of the world reservation.

The country counts with over 1000 quarries, being that approximately 50% of its production consists of marble, 45% of travertine and 5% of other types of stones. Turkey exports 67%$ of its finished products, 22% of raw blocks and 11% of their semi-finished material annually.

In its 35th edition, the Vitoria Stone fair will count with more than 400 exhibitors, in an area of 40.000m². More than 1,200 types of stones, besides machinery, stone goods and equipment will be responsible for the attraction of more than 25 thousand visitors from 65 countries, besides the Brazilin states and Espirito Santo.

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