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White Granite

Date: 30/03/2012 | Published: News

White granite comes in vast array of shades and is wildly popular in modern decor. It gives any surface a refined, simple, and elegant look while remaining versatile and resilient. Contrary to some beliefs, the chemical composition and striations of granite make impossible to have “pure” white. Most people believe, however, that the beauty is displayed in the subtle variations or the striking contrasts. There are a huge variety of shades for white granite. These shades depend on the country of origin, primarily China, Italy and Brazil. For example, on type of predominantly white granite with white and gray flecks, sometimes called Big White Flower, is quarried in China. Other popular trends in white granite lean toward ivory in color. An excellent example of this is Bianco white granite, mined in Brazil and Italy. Feel free to explore our large selection of white granite options to find the style that suites you best!

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